Introducing and guiding the simple yet powerful practices of the five tsa lung exercises and the Five Warrior Syllables.

Each participant will learn to identify negative patterns and obstacles in body, breath, and mind; to clear these obstacles; and to cultivate and manifest positive qualities in everyday life. The five tsa lung exercises bring together focus of mind, breath, and physical movement to open subtle energy channels and centers in the body.

Through the process of identifying negative patterns, without judgment or analysis we clear these patterns through the tsa lung exercises. As we clear obstacles, we bring clear attention to the space that opens up within us.

Meditation is all about becoming familiar with this space, the source of infinite positive qualities. Abiding in this openness is the best medicine for healing our lives, and the simple yet powerful tsa lung movements enable us to benefit from this medicine.

The Five Warrior Syllables Practice relies on the power of sound to help heal physical illness, clear psychological and energetic disturbances, and support the spiritual practitioner to abide with clear and open awareness.

Guided by the mind and carried by the subtle breath through the channels and chakras of the body, the power of sound helps to uncover positive qualities such as love, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

Through practicing with five sacred and powerful sounds known as the Five Warrior Syllables, we transform our lives and discern a clear path that begins with openness and leads to spontaneous, virtuous action in the world.

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