The articles that are on this section are written by me in the hope that I can convey to you some of the many extraordinary and wonderful experiences that make up our existence on this planet Earth. I firmly believe that our physical bodies are a mirror of our planet and how we care and honor our physical and energetic self, mirrors how we care and honor the ground we walk on and those with whom we walk with and interact with daily.

The healing work I find myself facilitating has been a growing, organic experience through personal life experiences over the past 20 years. Many years ago while reading a book about the Q'ero tribe in the high Andes of Peru I felt 'I had found my family'. The way this book described how these people work with the energies of the universe was exactly how the work that was coming through me had been evolving. Energies had become somehow simpler over the years, they were either heavy or light. The heavier ones channelled naturally through me to the earth herself and the lighter energies flowed through to take up the space that had been vacated. It was that simple.

On reading this book I vowed to someday meet the Q'ero people and that vow has now been realized. Over the past three months in Peru (May 2008 to August), I have been fortunate to work closely with some of the shamans, both male and female from the Q'ero nation. I felt, on receiving these profound initiations and teachings, that I was remembering and coming home. I am eternally grateful to the impulse that encouraged me onwards and still does. 

Over time I will be adding to these articles and telling more about my experiences with the healing medicines Ayahausca and San Pedro and also the initiations of the Munay-Ki which I received while in Peru. I received 10 rites which included the Nustra Rite which connects us all to the deep feminine energies that are being rebirthed in us at this powerful time in our evolution. These feminine energies are not exclusive to us females but are being born in the male of our planet also. This is an important point to contemplate as we travel together along the path to awakening to our true nature.

May we all awaken to the wonderous magic that is unfolding.

In-La-Kech... I am another yourself.


 I work with groups and individuals in Ireland and now in Peru.
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