CHAKRAS: Wheels within wheels, within wheels....

There is so much written about chakras, to attempt yet another discourse of the same genre would be pointless. Therefore I will approach the subject from more of a personal perspective and as a result, from a more experiential view, while suggesting some reading materials for those of you are interested in pursuing the subject further.

Learning about chakras was for me, raised a catholic in Ireland, quite a liberation. Somehow I had stumbled upon something that could make a difference to the stuckness and paralysis I felt in growing up in such a repressed, passionless environment, where everything appeared to be aimed at learn, learn, learn and achieve, (what?). And nothing aimed at feel, feel, feel and expand.

The term chakra became all important when one day I found and acknowledged that my voice could not speak what my heart was feeling, in fact was screaming but nobody could hear. There was an inability, a TOTAL inability to express the resonance or vibration of my heart's truth or voice through my mouth. I realised that day I was indeed in trouble, but at that time had no map....

The term chakra appeared somehow in my vocabulary and on studying and examining for some time the origins and meaning of the term, something began to fall into place. The term chakra alludes to areas of energy focus in what is known in the more esoteric world traditions as "the subtle body". I have come to understand and experience this more and more as I give attention to the anatomy of the subtle body, which encompasses the channels of energy of the body and the chakras or energy centers located on these energy channels. When I do more life or passion or juiciness is experienced and expressed in my life. As this relationship with the experiences of the subtle body grows and expands things happen !!

Sometimes I like to see chakras as doorways. Some traditions see them symbolically as wheels or flowers, in particular the imagery of the lotus flower is used.

As with any doorway, and I will allude to the symbol of the chakra, there is the ability to enter and exit or to stay closed or shut. We can slam a door shut, barricade it and throw away the key, or, we can use that key, open the lock, clear away the barricade and allow the door to swing open and closed as is natural for it in the prevailing climate. Here I allude to the prevailing "emotional" climate in which we find ourselves.
The chakras or energy centers are intimately connected with the Emotions, or put another way, with the Emotional waves of energy that we as human beings can experience in this lifetime.

When looked at in a different light, emotion can be seen and experienced as E - motion i.e. energy in motion or energy moving. Words to describe emotion are merely that. Words, not the movement or energy of the emotion itself. Sadness is a felt experience, anger is felt, jealousy is felt, joy is felt etc. etc. These are merely the words we use to explain these tides of emotion that course through our bodies from time to time.

All of the emotions, I have learned, can be connected to a different chakra or energy centre, or indeed organ or gland of the physical body. Emotions are ethereal, you cannot hold joy in your hand or anger or sadness, but emotions are also visceral, we feel them deeply and intensely. How do we not, either become overwhelmed with emotions or indeed withdraw from them so much that we do not feel them at all? Where is the wisdom inherent in all this vast array of feeling that we express or repress? Through knowledge of the chakra system I have allowed myself to feel what could have been, in the past, too dangerous to feel and as a result liberate myself from that stuck paralysis in which I grew up.

Another thing to remember about emotions is they are transient. We do not stay in anger no more than we stay in jealousy or sadness or a joy that is experienced as a result of external conditions, but we can liberate within ourselves a joy that is not conditional on external circumstances and remain there.... if only we had the courage. The courage required on the path to awakening is vast, but as we allow the stuck silent areas within ourselves to speak we begin the journey of expansion and awakening. The courage required appears as we see and experience the possibility of great freedom and integrity growing within.


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