Peruvian Adventure

Peruvian Adventure

For a substantial amount of this lifetime I have been drawn to being more than I appear to be. This is not to be confused with not liking or loving myself as I am, of that there is a deepening acceptance as the years fly by. The curiosity I have, it seems always had, is like the pull of a pure wind inside of me, a wind that guides me to explore and experience more and more of what I / we can be. I believe that no individual journey is in fact that, individual. Each of us is on a journey and each of our journeys ripples out and affects all manner of beings, particularly those closest to us in family, relationship and friends. We all affect each other deeply, my continuing experiences of the interconnectedness of all things shows me this magically, daily.

I have studied and practiced different methods of meditation. Studying and practicing in the Ningyma tradition of Tibetan Buddism for over 15 years. Drawn always to the more esoteric aspects of these teachings, Dzogchen and Tantra. Aspects of these teachings that go beyond religion, beyond dogma and encourage me to travel into the experiental, into what it is I feel and experience and Know. This knowing is the deep body level of knowing which, if brought up in a western culture , we have to claw our way back to from the heady intellectual days of our schooling, where we were told to learn most often at the cost of feeling. Religion was to me in my younger years a trap and became in later years a container. Now with a teacher in the ancient shamanic Tibetan teachings of the Bon tradition, ritual, ceremony and prayer becomes an exploration. A continual and deepening exploration that urged me on to experience the rawness and untamed vistas of the Amazonian jungle.

While planning the trip to Peru I intended to find and work with some of the indigenous healers or curanderos of the Amazonian jungle and high Andes. The strong Shamanic qualities I encountered were like nothing I had ever experienced before, raw, earthy and gritty. I was introduced into a world of pure magic in all its layers. A world I had been on some levels steeped in with an organic healing practice, that had been developing through me over the past 17 years. Now here I was in one of the pure homes where energies are seen, respected and worked with to benefit all who seek these levels of healing. Healing on physical, emotional and energetic levels, the world of the shaman is a world that gives credence to the unseen, to the felt and the known.. I worked with the Ayahuasca, the master healing vine of the jungle and with the San Pedro catcus, a healing plant whose magical and mystical qualities have been used for thousands of years in the high Andes of northern peru and have assisted me in deepening this continuing contact with the spirit, the soul, the living essence in all things.

As I am planning a return journey to Peru and particularly to work more deeply with a curandero in the Andes I will focus here on the experiences I had encountered with the ingestion of the San pedro cactus and hope perhaps that what I share will touch you too. It was a bright crisp morning when we headed off into the then unknown to us, sacred valley in Pisac, Peru. We would be participating in what our guide called "the heros breakfast" for the day ahead. We were a crew of seven, all from different parts of the world. My focus for the ceremony was to ask for clarity in how, or if, my healing practice was to continue and if so, then I required additional clarity in the energies that I was picking up during sessions and a more embodied, centered and grounded way of being with these energies that could benefit and inform all aspects of my life. ( A tall order, but then I did'nt come all this way for nothing. ) But primarily I needed clarity in the area of intimate relationship and in how relationship can be and is but a hugh container for the channelling of these universal energies that surround us, becoming indeed the most important healing experience we will have in our lifes, if this is the path for us.

To refrain from falling asleep to the "other", with whom we love, live and share. The ceremony was held in the open air where the elements of earth, air, fire, water and space were paramount in how I was informed, like a deep meditation that opened pathways within me that needed the pure wind of being to clear out the old cobwebs in areas that I had been feeling stuck and unclear.

To focus deeply and respectfully is advised when participating in this ceremony and then it is said that you will indeed be informed and answered, but perhaps not in the ways you would have imagined. The answers I sought came to me that day with the assistance of our guide, Javier and have continued to deepen and evolve since my return home to Ireland. But the answers are more in how I am rather than in how I understand. I am more at peace with myself and with the ocean of energy that I am and that surrounds me.

"When the ocean comes to you as a lover,

marry, at once.

Quickly, for Gods sake !

Don't postpone it ! Existence has no better gift.

No amount of searching will find this." Rumi


All in all I returned from this Peruvian adventure with a deepened view of healing and what indeed this word means. Both experiences, the Ayahuasca and San pedro, were holistic and by that I mean they affected me on all levels, mind, body and spirit. In all areas I feel changed. I am lighter and more connected on a feeling level to my body experiences, which was one of the focus's I had on journeying to Peru. Being a healer and channeler of energy I am sensitive to energies both my own and others,energies of places and people, and with this in mind I used the healing experiences I had to show me what indeed I do sense, how I sense it and to decipher which is the truth, between my thinking/rational discursive mind or/and the truth of my felt body knowings. This I requested more clarity on as I began this journey, as often these two travellers together have been at odds with each other. Embodied experience has always been an intriguing enquiry for me and the practice of meditation has been paramount in bringing more awareness and presence into all actions. This is an ongoing adventure and one which I do not always find easy as the egoic mind has a vast array of habits and tactics at keeping us asleep and running around in rings looking for ourselves.


Mary Sky