Some of the following poems are written by myself, others are those that I find inspirational and I hope you do too. Please if you have any poems that really inspire you and set you alight I would love to hear from you and see your poem. Tell me what it is thats triggers a passionate response in you when reading this poem. Poetry is such a wonderous vehicle for reaching through the thick armourings of meaninglessness into the subtle realms of our souls. I look forward to hearing from you.....


"The tapestry of time weaves a life. A rich, rich life etched with many colours and linings, many experiences, each coming together to create the big picture of a life lived or a life avoided.

Life is always avoided until it is not, this is the voice of the muse.

When we stop living the life we think we should live and begin to feel the life we are living; then, there lies our true beginnings......."



In the train

of thoughts

that is our


Space appears......



Stretching upwards

opening this


life flows through

and beyond............





Ride On. 

Somethings beginning

Somethings ending

Lifes cycles raging through and around us

Something new

Something old

Someone born

Someone dies

Beginnings and endings

Merging into one.


Life coaxing us on

To join in the dance.

Come on

Come on


Don't stop dancing now

Don't stop dancing just as the

wind is catching your sails

Jump on the gust

Ride the waves of the ceaseless 

seas of beginnings and endings.


Rise up like the phoenix

Surging new life from old ashes.


Somethings always ending

Somethings always beginning.


Ride on.............






We are all where we need to be

I was coming up and out and through

you were coming in and down and into.

We met on the in-wave

emotion swell,

swell caught

as we rode the high wave.

Magnificant view

your life and mine

danced together

surfacing, dipping,

surfacing, dipping.

We learned many things

Some which were new to us,

others which required magnifying.


Then the wave hit shore

you jumped and I,

I receded backwards to the Ocean

catching the next wave.




Not casting a net

I do not entrap you

in preconceived


outmoded programming,

designed to injure.


not bookmarking you

you become a vital part of

this magnificent tapestry,

not some part

of a fragmented series of events

designed by chance.



Stolen Kisses in the Belfry


Stolen kisses in the belfry

Parchment paper on the walls

Scrolls of learning stretched before me

Cannot let this heart grow cold.


Letters black upon these pages

Ribbons red across this heart

heart of torment, heart of prayer

heart of dangers yet to unfold

heart of searching for a meaning

red for secrets yet untold.


Come and share a moment with me

See a soul laid bare with age

Upon this belfry cold stone stair

Cries a whisper of loves old story

Echos a passion of times unchanged.




A thousand new things


Animating each cell

eliminating the lie

that dwells inherent...

stagnant memories,

the sleeping self awakens.


Past, no more

only open present.

Held by skies

by galaxies

worlds within worlds.

Realizing the mystery

within ones own self

Breath traverses

a thousand new things

moments swelling estatic.



The next poem is rather long, but please persevere through, its worth it. I cannot take credit for this one, it was written a few years ago by a friend and I felt it fitting to put it here. As for the title, this is what i call it..........


When I was tired in October......


Tiptoe into the future because it has already happened

what if everything has already been accomplished

and we are both here and there

And our being here is to serve as a reminder of our being there

And of the original broadcast.


Gently ahead for time lies behind us

What if we already met

And our meeting was the subject of a painting

the painting was completed and varnished

and put on display

We saw a review of the exhibition

And went to see it

When we came back and had a milkshake

I leaned over, lifted your hair and kissed you in the neck

and you whispered to me

Once we have bodies, lets enjoy having bodies

And we kissed

And entered the painting all over again.


Gently forward for the future is already past

All has been accomplished

Humanity's collective journey lies behind us

Everybody knows. everybody knows everything

Everybody knows it has all been done

And all we are here for is to commemorate the process

Process called progress but experienced backwards from

the experience of fullness

the end of history has been upon us already.


So ours are many bodies

physical emotional mental spiritual electric

And these are emanations of our self

inhabiting the space of no time

so our journey is to reconnect

the self as a cosmic bridge

to energies unlimited

fulfillment unlimited

in a word, self healing

for all is complete

Ever has been, ever will be.


Identify up

Identify outside of time

Play is what remains

Beauty is the way

Ours is a little learning

Which is the memory of abundance

of ever knowing

Learning is the art of forgetting

Slipped within the art of remembrance.


For all has been done

All has been accomplished

Our collective journey has been over long time

And if we can remember it has

Little remains of learning




Stand in the great light

All is stardust

Have you really ever been anywhere else ?

Tender universe

Possibilities like music

Rhythms like rhapsodies

Comings and goings make symphonies

All doors end up in the same hall

Where time is play

A rather large hall.


Diamond of diamonds

Gong of gongs

Travel nowhere

Paradoxes out of silence.


Now in this spirit

make every task light

Make all coming and going soft

Slow time

Turn effort inside out

Shine play

Share music

Lift up these bodies to where they are transparent

And time is light

walk through the paradox

and show the forgetting

for the sake of remembering.


For we are all Gods

Have accomplished and come through already

Are on the other side

And little it takes to connect

But music

but silence

But soft steps

and easy words

In a single universe.


So let work be light

Let effort be smooth

Let bodies hum along

And memory call us all the way....



Red indian burial poem

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there i do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow

I am diamond glints on snow

I am the sunlight on ripened grain

I am gentle autumnal rain.

When you waken in the morning hush

I am the soft uplift rush

of quiet birds in circled flight

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there I did not die.


Anonymous...... Makah Tribe




Earth shapes

different forms

different densities

Rock becoming earth

becoming sand.

Earth soft

earth hard



through time

and temperature.

We are Earth

changing with the rhythms

that time

Father time

dances through us.

Now hard

now soft


through storms

through blizzards

through the faint fragrant touch

of sunshine.


even sunshine smiles

changes us as she does

dry, brittle, crackling

wind comes with one breath

blowing our fragility.

Passing through time


hard as Obsidian



becomes No-thing.




I do not always like oranges


as a gift from my traveling companion

I relish the bitterness

in the giving.



Oranges become sweeter

as I walk the miles

Miles less bitter

as I allow the hidden sweetness.





The Moon, I invoke

Guardian, Goddess.

To the Earth

I surrender

Teacher, friend.

To the Heart 

I arrive

home, at last.

The breath, I receive

grateful, humbled.






On those fuzzy edges of reasoning

seemingly superficially I am going


Sensuously swimming

in silent silken silvery water

shimmering glimpses

catching those star lit spaces

that persistently burst  through time.


In this cavernous clarity




space becomes time

time becomes space again...


the dance has simply

revealed itself.







Rite of passage has arrived

Playing with this moment

Breath, bellows like, I am stretched


to the outermost limits;

I am wanderer, searcher

explorer in time and passion.


Preparing to stop

so the search can begin

in silence

and deep, deep breathings


Sun guiding me home

following its rays and warmth

I will gravitate

because that

is the natural way.


Waves of mighty oceans

will be playground for this souls

longings and yearnings.

Full moons radience

obscures me no more;

no more hiding

joy has taken me

I go willingly

humbly at last

recognising that this


is indeed







Endless being

emerging from this cave of knots.

I have discovered myself

discovered myself


and well

contrary to all stormy

insistances to the contrary.

Alive to love

to passion

energy, boundless

connected as itis to the 

infinite generator

The Vast Unknown

the No-thing

and the everything.

Shadowy knots

Foggy pathways

give way

to endless being.

Endless curiousity

Endless life.



Its called no longer being afraid


Its called moving on

Its called drumming to the hearts beat

to the rythm of the Earth

of the Mother

Its called being in sync

nothing else matters

nothing else will do.


Its called treating yourself

with respect

with feeling

with honour

listening to the deep self.

Its called loving...

and longing for all that you love.

Its called leaving behind and letting go

all that has been outgrown

and that no longer matters

no longer serves you.


Its called moving on

and out

breathing more air

animating all those movements

that make us this real

alive incredible human Being.

Its called


no longer being afraid.