San Pedro Journey

San Pedro Journey in the Sacred valley in Pisac, Peru - Reflections

Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose.

Awakenings- although not at once awakenings but a coming together of things known and a courage to live them through, no matter what. Small inconsequences finding no refuge in big mind - topple from their perch, ego laden with stuff of no use.

Layers peeling away. Looking, finding, that dark place, deep, deep inside and bringing eyes open, love, light and compassion as the dark spot fades away. And then the layers of resisted thought forms; forms of lacking and fears of being alone. Forms of being forgotten and of not being worth much - how absurd.

Reflections in the heart / mind of others fears.. Tremblings as my body; through inviting, releases - no more resisting that which is no more. Such turbulence and exhaustion from living the lie, living the twist. That twisted love that holds onto that which is now nothing. No joke this San Pedro being, this energy. Tremblings through this body - conscious energy making its way into and out of all at the same time.......

Energetic communications with the environment, the surroundings the earth, river, plants, all communicating with me. I am fearful, but not always and when i am not, it dances.
The only true hunger and thirst, is a spiritual hunger and thirst, a Shaman once told me this.

Kindness is the King Insight the hero Humour the vehicle Strength and unwavering trust the Shamans way.

Kindness comes in many guises even what seems cruel can be kind given in the right place and in the right dose.

There is no hiding from anything All is written all over our faces etched into our energy bodies and through to our cells to our souls until we are big enough strong enough to admit these hidden places these hidden traces are indeed belonging to ourselves and not to the unsuspecting other standing there available for all our unowned projections.

Nothing is hidden nothing is lost once we know this hiding is no longer an option.

Open to the dark places Surrender to light innocence arises spontaneously from where it has always been obscured behind the lie....

Death dances its hungry dance into and out of our cells until no more can we manage its heaviness its harshness its lie choosing life's breath we die coming alive then to beauty in all things

Mary O'Sullivan (Sky) Pisac- Peru 2007