Spirit of Healing

Spirit of Healing

Fifteen years ago, give or take, while working with a client with massage and a very gentle, subtle technique called Polarity balancing, which I had just learned from a friend, something happened.

I was working in a small room, massage table, chair, small table, nothing special. One window, one door. As I worked and breathed a portion of a small ivy plant plant on the window 'shook'. I noticed and thought it odd as there was no obvious 'wind' in the room to cause such a movement. Without thought, while noting this movement I said silently to myself, 'Ok, well if this is something leaving, goodbye, if this is something entering, welcome'. With that a presence came behind me. A presence of a person, a being of light, larger than me, much larger. This presence came behind me, embraced me and entered into my body and arms. I was in awe, stunned, intrigued - many more words that could describe this feeling of being 'taken' in the most beautiful way. From that point on, I watched as my hands and body moved, continuing the 'healing'. All this time a soft, strong voice repeated over and over to me.... 'This is a balancing, a balancing of male and female energies. It is not only for the person on the table, but also for yourself. This is a balancing, a balancing of male and female energies etc, etc.' This continued until the session ended. When it was complete and I stood back from the client on the table, it took some time for my hands to feel like my own again and I am sure, to this day that they have never really been my own again, particularly when I work.

Before this point in my life, changes had been occurring, waking me up. Since this point this process has been continuing. It is in this Spirit I offer these  journeys to Peru. As your facilitator I bring to the circle, myself, the resonance of my own healing journey and experiences over the past 20 years and more. We will each day and for the whole journey together, enter consciously into sacred/circular space. That space where healing happens. We will rest daily and immerse ourselves through yogas, healing sounds, journalling and intention, in the healing energies of Pisac and Paz y Luz healing centre. With the assistance of the San Pedro ceremonies, facilitated by Javier Regueiro, (see his biography on my web site). We will journey together to clear obstacles and obscurations within ourselves that require healing and liberation to enable us to move on in our chosen path to wholeness and to realise more harmony and balance within ourselves.

I will give you a layout of a structured itinerary as I know people like to have some sense of linear containment. But I assure you that healing does not happen in this linear realm. Healing happens in sacred space and sacred time. So together we will work within the linear framework while invoking the Sacred in our journey together together through time.

If you have any questions regarding the journey,
please do not hesitate to call me: +353 87 6684324 (Ireland).
E-mail me: maryskywalker1@hotmail.com.

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Mary Sky