Susto (Fright) and Soul Loss

According to the Maya, susto or fright is the most common spiritual disease.

Susto affects the emotional, spiritual and physical equilibrium . Fright is the great thief of "ch'ulel" or life force and sends a deep internal shock through the system. That shock inhibits the immune system from fighting off disease, irritates the nervous system, haunts the psyche, disturbs digestion and can cause headaches, nightmares and panic attacks. Some people have the feeling that nothing is right in their lives.


There are both physical and spiritual causes of illness.

Soul loss is a universal theme. Ancient cultures believe that souls can be frightened away, wander off or be abducted. Modern day soul loss can spring from the "traumas of modern life"

Sandra Ingerman writes;

"Incest, abuse, loss of loved ones, accidents, wartime experiences, major illnesses, surgeries; these are all assaults that can catapult the soul from the body. Faced with these kind of stresses, the sensitive human soul may flee the body, never to return.

The soul or vital essence separates from the body in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of pain. What constitutes trauma varies from one individual to another.

Children are particularly susceptible to soul loss. Soul loss at any age leaves people feeling dispirited, weak, fragmented and disassociated from themselves and the world. Many teenagers and adults make mis-guided attempts to reconnect with their souls, filling the void with drugs, alcohol, food and/or obsessive relationships.

Therapy may not help because as Sandra Ingerman says, "Nobody is home to be helped".


Symptoms might include;

1. Nightmares with recurrent themes

2. Feeling disconnected from the body

3. Feeling depleted and listless

4. Bad luck and misfortune

5. Frequent domestic quarrelling

6. A history of substance abuse

7. A tendancy to be inordinately angry

8. A weak immune system

9. Sudden bouts of heart palpitations

10 . A tendency to be over tearful

The body and mind will look for many ways to come back into balance and harmony with itself often with little result, other than a deepening of the symptoms. We try again and again ending up looping in endless cycles of distrucive behaviours which become exhausting and counter-productive.

How to check if you have soul loss?


Recent event, sufferers may experience a sudden disruption in their emotional balance.

Older event, Long history of vague illness, failed romances, fears, depression. Easily frightened and jumpy. Often breaking into tears without warning and feeling confused. May be anxious and/or exhibit antisocial behaviour.

Other symptoms may include, hair falling out, dry skin, rashes, eating pattern disturbance. Indigestion and diarrhoea often alternate with constipation.


What might cause Susto in one person may go right by another person.

Witnessing a frightening event of any kind. Seeing a violent fight erupt between adults is traumatizing for children, especially in the household. Going to a wake or a funeral too early in life may be traumatizing if the age-appropriate explanation and support is not available.

The sudden death or suicide of a family member.

Violent spanking and physical abuse.

Violent potty training.

Violent movies and television programmes.

Being in an accident.


Severe bullying by peers.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, floods etc.

Being born into and living in war zones.

Receiving bad news.

Susto babies are cranky and unhappy, do not play or smile as much as they should and may have a tendancy to agression with their peers. May not eat well and throw up frequently. Rashes and diarrhoea are common.


The child with Susto behaves poorly and erratically and probably gets into trouble in school.

There seems to be a pattern in his or her behaviour. These children can have trouble making friends and can often fuss more than play when they do have playmates. These children may also be labelled hyperactive or emotionally disturbed. May have erratic sleep patterns and night terrors.