The Munay-Ki


With the Munay-Ki comes an invitation step out of the mind and into the body. To step consciously and willingly into the Kawsay Pacha,  the world of the living energy.

The Munay-ki are the "Karpays " or initiations gifted to us from the Qero shamans of the high mountains in Peru.  When we enter consciously into the world of the living energy we are in constant Ayni/interchange with the world around us.

The Andean tradition speaks of the Kawsay Pacha expressing itself in two fundamental types of energy. 

1. Sami; refined or ordered energy  

2. Hucha; heavy or disordered energy

Hucha they say is only produced by us human beings until we reach the 4th level, the level of Munay,  the Hatun Karpay,  the level of the  heart. Here we overcome personal and cultural boundaries and find the divine, the Sacred in all things, places and people.

The Munay-ki are gifts from the Qero to contribute to the conscious evolution and awakening of mankind, whereby we take on stewardship of the planet and become  keepers of the Sacred wisdom shared by all cultures.  Recognising that we are all one and not separate. As a shaman friend of mine once said; "yes, we do live in a world of duality and separation,  but we don't have to take it so personally ".

These initiations or Karpays are launching pads NOT landing fields.

To support us in walking the sacred path where we recognise with gratitude this incredible journey that we are participating in and merely passing through.


To be in Ayni is to be in constant reciprocal energetic exchange with the living energies of the universe.  Ayni is also a guiding moral principal ; "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". In this light Ayni operates within a moral and personal code of conduct. 

To be in Ayni is to understand that we are indeed not separate and that our energies and conduct affect the universe around us. To. Iive in harmony with this universe is to live in Ayni... 

We live in a sentient world, in the Andes the Kawsay Pacha,  the world of living energies, is dominated by two primary spirit energies.  Pachamama and the Apus.  Pachamama,  the Earth,  is the first mother, the true mother,  the spirit mother. Through her we have all been given form and substance.  It is to her, and to the spirits of the rain and the hail and the elements that exist,  that the Andeans owe their very existence  the very conditions of their lives. Therefore, every action they undertake is necessarily an act of Ayni.  Before food is eaten or liquid is drunk, a portion is offered to the Earth Mother.  There is a constant interchange and gratitude for all that the Earth,  the mother bestows. 

Remembering to act in Ayni,  in reciprocity is essential to a healthy and happy life. Gratitude is a key to the doorway of great joy. 

3 World cosmology of the Andean tradition

PAQOS or shamans are experts at mediating the energies of the three world's of the Andean cosmology: the hanaq pacha,  kay pacha, and the ukhu pacha. The hanaq pacha is the upper world,  the multidimensional realm comprised of sami,  the most refined energy. 

The kay pacha is this world, the physical world. It is earth and Gaia.  It is the world of spirit made manifest,  and the sphere of consciousness,  ego and identity. The kay pacha is composed of both sami and hucha,  the light and heavy energies, respectively,  because we humans,  the dominant occupant of the kay pacha,  sometimes act with Ayni and sometimes not.

Then there is the ukhu pacha,  the lower world, which is comprised solely of hucha,  heavy or disharmonious energy. Hucha is not negative,  bad or dark energy, it is simply incompatible or disharmonious.  At a psychological level the lower world is the interior world, the sphere of the unconscious.   

The prophecies say that there will come a time when the three world's will merge into one, we are in this time now. The hanaq pacha and the ukhu pacha merging with the kay pacha to create one paradisiacal world here on earth. We can each contribute to this spiritual transformation by living in Ayni ourselves and by mediating the heavy and light energies of our own world. By cleansing ourselves of heavy energy we facilitate the energetic evolution of our species.