Wachuma, San Pedro: Sacred Medicine Of The Peruvian Andes

 Wachuma, San Pedro: Sacred Medicine Of The Peruvian Andes


Working with the San Pedro medicine is about dissolving boundaries,  pushing past perceived limits, resolving old patterns and moving through deep seated fears all fairly rapidly.  It is the path of the Warrior,  the Hero's breakfast. Taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach in sacred ceremony. 

Huachuma got the name San Pedro some 500 to 600 years ago when the Spanish came to the desert.  When the Incas heard about St Peter (San Pedro),  and that he had the keys to heaven, they thought that Huachuma was actually San Pedro because inter experience Huachuma holds the keys to heaven. 

Participating in sacred ceremony helps to connect us to our higher self, to live more fearlessly on the planet. Dissolving outdated blocks in our body, mind and energy San Pedro opens a path of returning, returning to our true nature before culture and conditioning. 

As Buddhist tradition indicates, we are not the clouds that obscure the sky, we are that very Sky. We become "clouded",  blocked, enslaved even in modes of thinking and behaviour that do not serve us.


Mary Sky, November 2014