*Next Trip: Medicine Retreat, October 2016*

Having travelled annually to Peru for the past eight years I am inspired once again to offer another healing journey to the magical continent of South America.

The vastness of the Shamanic path and the inherent intelligence of the plant medicines of the Amazon continues to inspire and educate me and those that travel with me.

Journeying with the plant medicines of both Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San Pedro) has added a dimension of wholeness to my life which I would never have seen possible before embarking on these journeys. Pieces of the jigsaw puzzle,  I called my life began to come together in a more coherent and intelligent way. Not intelligent in the way we have been conditioned to see intelligence, but in a visceral,  cellular knowing that surpasses any conceptual,  book learned idea of intelligence. 

The magic of Peru permeates into the core,  opening the mind and body to more. We all know on some deep level that this life is the greatest mystery that we are blessed to be a part of. But so many only half live a life,  only half engage with what is possible. It is in this vein that I offer these healing trips to Peru. Getting away from the known environment,  immersing oneself in unknown territory, facing fears and emerging renewed to return armed with something "else", something which can inject into our western culture a new view, a window into vast possibilities of healing that is so badly needed at this time in our collective evolution. 

If you feel drawn to joining me on this adventure....  

 Please Contact Me for further information.