Q. What clothing should I bring?

A. The region of the Andes around Cusco and Pisac can be moderate during the day and cool in the evenings with the possibility of heavy showers at any time. So layers is the way to go. Add layers as it becomes cooler and a good waterproof jacket with perhaps waterproof leggings and sturdy walking boots.

A lot of my days I found I was ok in light shoes or flip flops but good hiking boots are a must or a pair of Tevas is also adequate for walking trips.

It is best to limit yourself to easy to wash and dry clothing. 

Pack: Keep it light and simple and pack it all into an easy to carry rucksack or something similar. It almost goes without saying, a heavy suitcase is not the way to go. If in doubt leave it out. If you need something warmer you can always buy some of the great traditional knitwear locally.

Q. What about inoculations or tablets before travelling to Peru?

There are specific vaccinations needed when traveling to Peru. The main one being yellow fever. I advise visiting your doctor and seeing which vaccinations you require for your specific journey. Remember Homeopathic vaccinations are also available and these are some of the ways I choose to secure vaccinations when traveling in Peru

Malaria is usually only necessary in jungle areas so if you are traveling to the jungle get this or again, an Homeopathic version is available.


I personally choose the Homeopathic route except for the yellow fever and have had no problems when traveling.

Vaccinations on some level are a must and are entirely your own responsibility.

There is also an Homeopathic travel kit available which I also found to be of great value while traveling. This can be obtained from www.helios.co.uk.

Q. I don't speak Spanish - will that matter?

A. You'll get by just fine without Spanish although having a little can help.

Q. It it physically arduous, how fit should I be?

A. You need reasonable mobility. We will be going for walks but these will be at a moderate pace. Good basic health, flexibility and a willingness to 'rough' it (relatively speaking), for awhile is all that's needed.

It is always more enjoyable if you have a good base level of fitness. Before leaving for the journey, regularly going for a good brisk walk for 30 or 40 minutes two or three times a week and/or some light gym work would be good. The trip is not arduous but it is at an altitude you will probably not be accustomed to.

Q. How many people will be in the group?

A. There will be no more than ten people in the group plus at times our guide and myself.

Q. What currency should I bring and what about credit cards?

You can bring either Euro or Dollars but also if you do not wish to carry cash, credit cards are great as you can withdraw local currency with your card at most ATM's with a fee. Some hotels and hostels will accept dollars ( but this is a changing thing with the fluctuation of the dollar lately), so keep tuned in here nearr to the date of departure for updates.. 

Q. What about age?

A. Any age from 18 years and upwards. A reasonable base fitness, mobility and flexibility is required, that and having no need for specialist medical requirements.

Q. What is the weather like in the Andes during July/august ?

 Warm during the day and cool in the evenings. It can be fresh and showery and changeable. Light clothing during the day with something warm to hand like a sports jacket and the likes of a light waterproof poncho or jacket for the showers. The evenings can require another layer such as a warm jersey under a jacket. 

Q. What about mosquitos, dangerous animals etc?

A. No mosquito problems in the areas of Pisac/Cusco/Macchu Picchu etc but in the jungle areas you will need to bring adequate repellant and protective clothing.

Q. What about Internet access for e-mailing and can I use a mobile phone?

A. There are a lot of Internet cafes in Cusco and some in Pisac, (as in most towns and villages). Not very fast connections but adequate for e-mailing. There are also a few photo/media shops in Cusco which can save your camera images to DVD as a backup or to free storage if required. I've always found them competent, dependable and good value.

 Connection with home is best by in one of the local locotorias which are relatively inexpensive. Like most countries the locals also use the internet so you should have no problems.

Q. Shopping?

A. There are a good selection of shops and galleries in Cusco along with interesting coffee shops for hanging out and to bring your journal up to date!. The best bargains can be at the local markets in the likes of Pisac where you can get good prices by honing your negotiating skills.

There will be space built into the itinerary to allow you time to explore Cusco and some of the market towns on your own.

  I work with groups and individuals in Ireland and now in Peru.
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