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The best resource you can rely upon when it comes to true learning is your own personal experience. Life is a gift to be explored, learned from and enjoyed. Immerse yourself in it, in all its ups and downs its challanges and beauty. Throw yourself into your life experience like there is no tomorrow, smell the wind, feel the air, taste the one hundred thousand things, but do so with non-attachment an attitude of immersion yet watching as all things pass by like autumn leaves in  the wind, transient, fragile yet intensely estatic. Books of course are useful and reading or listening to anothers experience along the path to awakening is important. But remember these are not your experiences, yours are unique to you, although anothers may and will inspire you.

Meditation/mindfulness practices are a great forum for self exploration and learning. Yoga with the assistance of a good teacher, one who understands and practices the relationship between mind and body,a true gift. There is nothing quite like being in the presence of one who embodies truth ! It has a certain aroma,a quality of energy, a resting place, that can be gently explored and learned from while sitting and absorbing thee qualities. 

We are sentient beings and I truly believe this quality of absorbtion is one of our more important methods of true learning.

But by all means read on and be inspired by the list of books below which I will keep adding to as I am an ardent reader, but attune kindly to your own experiences and do not undermine or deny them.

In light and blessings,

Mary Sky


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