Testimonials from a Peru Trip, 2014

I have been on a healing path for 15 years now and over the last few years, magic Peru had drawn my attention to it. However, the spirituell question was: "what do I want" and "what do I need? I didn't know. So I just went on with my daily routine until it became clear that it wasn't just an idea but it was indeed a call to go there.

By that time, I already knew who to go with, because many months earlier, I had had a strong personal recommendation to go with Mary Sky. Almost everything went easy from the first day I contacted her. And what a wonderful journey we had. A small group, very personal and whenever any questions or difficulties rose up, Mary was there to help us. We spent a whole week in the peruvian jungle with people from the shipibo tribe. Without electricity, live there in the heat was very basic and relaxing. I found to myself. Vegetarian food, meditation and resting supported this. Plant medicine ceremonies facilitated in a safe and healing space were very powerful and showed us our true self. Deep healing took place thanks to the special energies of the Amazonian jungle and the indigenous shaman.

Thereafter, we went to the Peruvian Andes amd the Sacred Valley of the Incas. We stayed at the wonderful Paz y Luz Center in Pisac – created by Diane Dunn, the author of Cuzco II, the magic of the Munai-Ky -, worked with competent healers, participated in sacred rituals like a despacho with Quero Indians and visited the splendid markets in Pisac as well as in Cuzco. For a whole day, we visited the famous Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu. Altogether, including fascinating landscapes, fresh local food and friendly people made this trip to an impressive and unforgetable journey. Thank you so much, Mary."

- Susan from Germany, 2014


Testimonials on the Munay-Ki Rites


"A good friend of mine Jonathan passed me on Mary’s details and her web site about the Munay-Ki.

To be honest up here in Co. Donegal I’d not heard of the Munay-Ki before but after checking it out it was that Wow for me; the first thing in a couple of years to grab me way down deep in the soul so off I headed to The wonderfully special Hagal Healing Farm in Bantry, Co Cork a long way from Co Donegal but this is was the setting I found myself in to receive the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki knowing this was the crux of change

On a damp dark Friday evening I found myself nestled round a cosy open fire with 8 expectant others from around the countryside.

After a hearty feast of a dinner Mary told us as we’d a lot to get through this weekend that we’d be receiving the first Rite that night- a bit of a shock – straight into it.

We began by creating our sacred space calling in the 4 directions and all the elements and our Helpers, and then we took some time to settle into the space.

As each rite is given this was a very personal journey for each of us but I‘d like to share some moments of My Personal journey, I’m lucky to blessed with wonderful vision and can see energy with beautiful colour and clarity as well as sense it which for me increased the beauty of the ceremony’s. Just to explain while receiving the Day Keeper’s rites- this rite helps to heal the inner feminine, step beyond fear & practice peace- bringing healing. During my days the week before the ceremony what kept coming up for me was Forgiveness-I looked at all the people in my life and kept thinking who & where do I need to for give- I just couldn’t see it. But during part of the transferee of the rite through the 3rd eye- I was given the image of a beautiful full raspberry coloured heart bound deep and tightly with Black chains, the chins loosened, slipped away and dissolved.

As I sat with it after, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of Love for myself a feeling I’d known for another but never that depth for love for myself. It was like the feeling of being in” Love” for the first time.

As my love settled it and I realised that the forgiveness was not for another but for myself- the person who we all tend to be the hardest on and Like others, the last couple of years had been personally difficult and many life’s lessons learned, but this was one of the most important-Now I walk my path to freedom the best I can and as myself, knowing that feeling of deep love that I have in myself for myself and never needing to search for it in another. How Liberating and Empowering.


Following receiving the Harmony rite’s; where you receive 7 different archetypes transmuted into the Chakra’s. Each evening it is important to do a fire meditation to awaken them and help them grow it helps connect you to the power of each one. The Base Chakra is the Serpent and during the nights of the course and after, dreamtime can be very busy.

I met my Serpent there in a dark cramped dusty hole – seeing a glimmer of light, my serpent squeezed through the rocks towards the hole. Edging forward dry sharp rocks scraped and scorched my serpent body.

Pushing my serpent body out through the cracked rocks to the surface, my serpent’s skin began to peel and shed away till bursting out into the bright sunlight an azure blue sky. Fresh air filled my lungs – Rebirth.

These are but a brief recount of my journey into Munay-Ki, also what I didn’t include was the ceremonial gown and headdress given to me piece by piece in during each Rite – painting next for me to try putting all together.


We closed the weekend with a Fire Ceremony- some drumming, offering of food and tobacco. Into the fire we cast our personnel offering of what we wanted to use the energy of fire to transform in our lives- ending with sharing our thoughts through the talking stick.

A beautiful ending to a powerful weekend and yet a powerful beginning to our unmapped Journey ahead, blessed with the tools for each step ahead we take.

For me- one which I intend to continue.

Bright Blessings for all who glimpsed this special journey may it be a stepping-stone for you on your journey.

Heart felt warmth, thanks an gratitude for those who shared this special journey in Cork with me and Love and Blessing to Fred and Yanny and the land of Hagal farm for soul warming, lip-smacking nourishing food and the magic and grounding land on the hillside, that hid herself from us in the mists all weekend- ensuring no outside distractions.

Much Heart felt thanks to my fellow traveller Mary for stepping up to the task of assuming stewardship for the earth and all creation as gifted to her by the Q’ero People and for sending out a call to pass these gifts to us. Thank you. *

To Our Land, our Ancestors the Ocean and all in it and plant and stone,

Blessings Salli A Chara,

Jacqui Reed, Co Donegal"


January 2010 - Munay-Ki Weekend 

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing weekend and for what really does feel like the gift of the Munay-Ki rites.
I had no idea what to expect from the rites but found the energy of them to be incredibly beautiful, a beauty which at times felt almost overwhelming in its strength and purity. It was also lovely to have the opportunity to give the rites so thank you for allowing me to do so.
I am loving working with the harmony rite now, connecting with and feeding the serpent and look forward to seeing how things unfold. I know it is early days yet but I am already noticing a difference in the way I am perceiving things and have also noticed that my awareness is sharper. Long may this continue.
With love and gratitude
Yvonne (Kilbritten, co. Cork)