For many years, I have had a Healing practice in Cork City and now also in Dublin Ireland. And for over 11 years, I've continued to travel to follow my passion for enquiry. I travel annually to Peru where I continue to pursue my learning with the Master Plant medicines of the mountains and Jungle there.  Here I have been fortunate to work closely with Shamans and healers from the  jungle areas of Iquitos and Pucallpa, to the Andes mountain around Cusco and Pisac. Visiting Machu Picchu, studying the Andean spiritual tradition and working intensely with the plant medicines of Ayahuasca and San Pedro has intensified my practices and the conviction through experience that we are more than what we may believe ourselves to be.

Because of the interest and requests, I have received over the years due to my work, I started, under the name of Dancing the Worlds and Sky Healing therapies, to give a series of workshops and individual sessions and it continues to grow from there.


I was born in 1960, in Milltown, Co. Kerry, Ireland. I qualified as a nurse in 1982 in Cork City, Ireland. In 1991 due to life upheavals, I stopped nursing and began delving into the area of Holistic/Complimentary health and spiritual understanding. These had been lifelong interests, but at that time, in the 90’s, my energies were more devoted to my own healing journey, spiritual emergence that I was going through then and to bringing up my 2 beautiful girls. Now I began in earnest in the pursuit of a more spiritually fulfilling, whole experience of this wondrous mystery that is this life and to bring this magic home to my heart. Little did I realise what kind of a journey I was embarking on. 


Dancing The Worlds and subsequently Sky Healing came about in 2005. I had already spent many years training in various disciplines and spiritual practices. Always interested in the experiential and more visceral layers of life and this bodies purpose in it. It was time to offer the gifts I was seeing and experiencing. Embodied presence is my exploration and my passion. Our bodies hold secrets and gifts that can support us to transcend patterns of behaviour and thinking that no longer serve us, patterns of body and mind.


I had studied and practiced in the Nyminga tradition of Tibetan Buddhism for many years and currently practice a form of Tibetan yoga from the Tibetan Bon tradition called Tsa Lung and a practice of healing sounds from this same tradition. Coming to the Bon tradition was an organic process after the death of my father when my connection with the Nyminga tradition came to a natural completion. I subsequently came to the Bon teachings through a book recommended to me by a friend called, Healing with Form, Energy and Light, in Shamanism, Tantra and Dzogchen by Tenzin Wangyl Rinpoche (thank you Jackini). The Bon tradition can be dated back to about 17,000 years. The primary focus in these traditions is Healing and relating and "dancing" with the elements of earth, air fire, water and space as alive, vibrant, sacred energies. Through the study and practice of various disciplines over these past 25 years, I have witnessed an organic progression of healing abilities develop and continue to amaze me. 

I now also offer healing journeys to Peru more specifically to the sacred valley of the Incas and to the jungle area of Pucallpa. I am drawn to the simplicity yet profound wisdom of the Andean tradition and to the incredible healing energies of not only the places I have visited in Peru but the many wonderful people I have met both indigenous and other. If you wish to experience a quantum leap in your life's journey, feel stuck in your comfort zone or just wish for a new, uplifting and revitalising experience, book a session with me or better still contemplate visiting Peru and steeping yourself in its magical culture and energy.

I now also work in Spain and offer group healing ceremonies there in a beautiful peaceful place north of Barcelona. Morocco is on my list for the coming year also to pursue meditations in the Sahara dessert. Where space is abundant and where time can be non-existent, at least for a brief time while there. Recharging is essential in a crazy world where life is fast paced and ego driven. A healthy ego in service of the Spiritual Core is what is required to build a beautiful and authentic existence, not only for yourself but for generations to come. The time of “do as |I say, not as I do”; is gone. It is time to lead by example, time to live in gratitude for this human experience. Gratitude is one of the most incredible healing energies that I know. Everything that we encounter is put there for our healing and awakening, so if we can, no matter what, bless and be grateful for each precious moment....

Well, try it, and see..

We walk in an amazing world, travelling in a wondrous body (this precious human birth). With a history of anorexia and self-sabotage on many levels I receive great joy from watching healing and growth in others as I also grow more and more myself. Our journey toward wholeness is never ending. A journey that if you allow it will continue to awaken in you a wonder and a joy that grows as you grow. 

The term Shaman is often translated as "the walker between the worlds". I thought, well, why not dance.......