3-Day Transformational Diet:

Expansion and Awakening of Consciousness

L’Armentera, España

Facilitated by Moisés

March 1 st – 3rd , 2019


Booking Details: Price is 650 Euro, which includes a taxi to and from Barcelona airport to your venue. Arriving Friday March 1st early in the day, as first ceremony is that evening. Departing Monday 4th. Contact Mary Sky(dancingtheworlds@gmail.com) for booking details.

You are invited to a transformational retreat where you will find balance and healing for yourself in a spiritual community through a traditional diet. This retreat will be led by an experienced maestro curandero who has practiced for many years around the world. The program is open to people of various levels of experience - Whether you have already practiced diets, have rarely sat in this type of retreat, or are somewhere in between, your facilitator will be able to teach to the level that you require for your path.

This is very serious work that can be both incredibly beautiful and unpredictably dark depending on what your spirit needs to learn, so please ask questions and do research while you are deciding to join this diet to make sure you are ready. It is a deep and profoundly changing experience. You have the option to join us for one to three nights. A typical retreat of this kind in the jungle involves five ceremonies in a ten-day period, and three events in a three-day period is quite intensive. Please follow very carefully the diet instructions included later in this program to prepare yourself fully. It is important not only for the purpose of spiritual ritual, but also to prevent adverse physical reactions.


We can offer Tobacco tea purge and Kambo for those who are interested at additional cost. The Great Teacher Tobacco is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and sedative that helps to remove heavy energies and liquid from the body through purging. Kambo is derived from frog venom and the medicine cleanses the body and reinforces the immune system through intense purging. Both greatly prepare the mind and body for more intensive journeys with the tea. In our evening sessions we will also work with Mapacho, which is sacred Peruvian tobacco. You will learn to blow it ceremonially to use it as arcana or protector.


Learning to sing icaros, powerful healing chants or songs, is one of the most important components of the process. We will have a shamanic music workshop where you can learn these and other healing songs, and we will practice them during our evening sessions. We will also offer a visionary art workshop where you can learn to capture your visions in paintings, led by Moisés, an artist with more than 20 years of experience. These workshops will accept love donations to cover costs.

Creative expression, individual meditation, and community sharing will all work together to help you integrate and vibrate yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and will act as a foundation for lasting personal change. For most people this is a life-changing experience that can give you the inner strength and power to transform your destiny and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Guided by:

Moisés, Plant Medicines Facilitator and Visionary Artist

            The Amazonian Chasqui  -  moises-llerena.com

Assisted by Amy, Musician and Healer in Training

Email for Moisés & Amy: almasmedicine@gmail.com

Also assisting is Mary Sky.

The plant medicines of South America are awakeners to our true and full potential.

Mary Sky will work alongside Moises and Amy for these Sacred Medicine Ceremonies in Spain March 1st to 3rd  inclusive. Mary has worked with the medicine plants of La Madre and Huachuma for over 12 years, travelling back and forth to Peru where she continues with her personal exploration into mind and body.  Marys past incarnation, in this lifetime, is as a nurse, which evolved over years into the healer and plant medicine facilitator path that she now travels. Mary works particularly with the Huachuma, the heart medicine of the high mountains of South America. But also assists with the works of La Madre. Having co-facilitated in the past with Moises, she is happy to be present once again for this weekend.  Mary is a mindfulness/meditation teacher and practitioner, healer, mother, lover,trauma therapist and body worker. She also teaches an ancient form of Tibetan Yoga from the Bon tradition. She has studied in the holotropic breathwork and Spiritual Emergence paradigm of Stanislas Grof.

For more info on Mary you can see her website


Marys primary practice is one of presence, an embodied presence which allows for the evolution of all experiences in ceremony to be welcomed and transformed.

“Embodied presence is my exploration and my passion. Our bodies hold secrets and gifts that can support us to transcend patterns of behaviour and thinking that no longer serve us, patterns of body and mind”.

Email for Mary: dancingtheworlds@gmail.com

Moisés was born April 8th, 1975 in Flor de Punga, a village located by the Ucayali river near Iquitos in the Loreto Region of the Peruvian Amazon. He was nurtured by nature during his childhood in this pristine area, which continues to shape his life’s work. His parents used their knowledge from this place - the biggest biofarmacy in the rainforest - to teach him. His mother’s side followed the Shamanic tradition: His grandfather, uncle, and cousin are Shamans in the Cocama lineage.

As a teenager and young adult, he was trained as a visionary artist in Usko Ayar Amazon School of Painting in Pucallpa, Perú by its cofounder and renowned Shaman and Visionary Artist Pablo Amaringo. He later went on to practice plant medicine training in addition to his artwork, where he was taught by well-respected maestros (teachers) and curanderos (healers) including Don Jose Campos, Percy García, Nissan, Raul Flores, and Josue Perez, among others. As a Vegelista Ayahuasquero (plant medicine facilitator, or Shaman) and Visionary Artist, his intention is to help people find healing, beauty, and peace for their whole being. He now travels the World on a Shamanic path, striving to inspire people of all ages to awaken their greatest potential, empowering them to understand a better way of life in harmony with Mother Nature.


Amy was born in the Chicago area and spent most of her life there. Although from a traditional U.S. family, she has always been attracted to creative arts and alternative healing, and she marches to the beat of her own drum. She has studied, performed, and later taught music since childhood, for over 20 years now, and continues to see it as an amazing form of spiritual healing and connection. She sought deeper significance as a teenager after struggling to grasp meaning in her life; she spent ten years intensively helping herself and others with recovery work and now has found a new route as an outlet for this purpose. Amy feels honored to be learning how to practice a plant medicine healing path with Moisés and is delighted and grateful that you are open to welcoming her assistance. She has been practicing intensive training for over a year now.

Moisés and Amy believe that life is a divine gift. To grow, find balance, connect to our divine force, and become the creator of our own life, we must be well-invested and responsible for our destiny, always taking good care of ourselves and helping others. 


Diet Instructions


Please note that the pre-diet begins one month before the first day of the diet and ends one month after it ends and is practiced in phases. It is extremely important to follow the diet instructions to prepare your body and soul to accept the highest goodness the diet can provide. Certain foods and medications/drugs have adverse physical effects with the medicine, and certain behaviors can limit your spiritual awakening. Many different traditions practice different diets that can vary, but overall listen to your body and your spirit and trust that you will get out of your experience as much as you put into it. The diet is an excellent way to practice self-discipline and learn to turn down distracting noise during the tea.


Diet – Things to avoid

4 weeks:

  • Pork, blue cheese, aged cheeses, fermented products, pickled or smoked foods, fried foods

  • Mind altering intoxicants and psychotropics (i.e. Cannabis, MDMA, 2cb 2ci, etc.)

  • Anti-depressant and/or blood pressure medication (please let us know if you have been on any of these medications in the last 40 days), 5htp and tryptophan, St. John's wort

2 weeks:

  • Alcohol

  • Soy and soy products

  • Overly ripe bananas

  • Fava and any other flat beans

  • Iced drinks

1 week:

  • Dairy

  • Red meat

  • Peanuts

  • Nutritional and/or herbal supplements (unless already cleared in your intake call)

  • Hot Chilis or very spicy food

3 days:

  • Citrus

  • Papaya

  • Caffeine

  • Salt

  • Sugar

  • Sex

Be mindful of your caffeine intake; Decaf is ok, although full abstinence from coffee whether decaf or caffeinated the 3 days-prior to your workshop is recommended. 

Lastly, be mindful of what you feed your mind: media, TV, Internet, video games, pornography, etc.

Keeping up diligently with violent and or overly politicized news is not conducive as preparation for this work. We recommend 'pushing pause' on Facebook and the news for at least a week prior to your workshop. The world will be ok! And it will still be there when we get back from our retreat. 

Things to say Yes! to: 

  • Meditation, yoga, Chi Kung, Tai-Chi, hot baths, salt baths, cold baths, massage, painting, dancing, singing... lots of rest and healthy, healing living

  • Herbal teas like chamomile and mint

  • Clean, simple and close to the earth foods

  • Whole grains, lentils, quinoa, fruits (no citrus, papaya or overripe bananas) nuts, veggies (no soy), eggs, lean fish (no bottom feeders like catfish, eel, crustaceans and tilapia), chicken is ok

  • Moderate amounts of cream cheese and fresh mozzarella until 3 days prior to drinking medicine is ok 

  • Low, to no salt intake over the few days prior to the workshop weekend can 'often' correlate with a deeper experience. If you need salt for your day to day life over the few days prior to our gathering, take salt as you normally would

If you are having trouble adhering to or understanding the diet, contact the assistant or facilitator or a supportive friend or guide. A good tip is to bring containers and bags of your food with you if you leave the house for long periods of time to limit temptation. Avoid packaged and processed foods at home and eat very plain meals in restaurants (salad with no dressing or croutons, or plain steamed fish with no seasoning, for example). Certified organic produce, high quality wild-caught fish, and organic vegetarian-fed chicken are good staples. Live herbs like basil and coriander can add flavor to your dishes if you cook. Dates and fruits (not pre-packaged) can help fight sugar cravings but should be consumed in moderation. Be careful selecting bread or bake it yourself because it usually contains salt and sugar, and certain processed flours can cause inflammation. 


You are asked to not have sex or practice self-pleasure during this time to prepare yourself for the deepest inward journey possible. This practice ensures your energy is not mixed with others’ in ways that could interfere with your self-discovery.

It's also important to mention that people with severe mental and physical conditions and women who are pregnant cannot participate in this training because it can be dangerous for them or others; other types of healing may be appropriate at a different time and we are happy to help you in whatever ways we can. Please consult the facilitator with questions or concerns.


Required Information


Fill it out and email the questionnaires and commitment form. The questionnaires are very important to ensure safety and understand any of your personal needs.

Send them to Moises and Amy with your:


Number of nights and dates attending

Indication and dates of icaros and/or visionary painting workshops attending

Indication of tobacco purge and/or kambo and which dates desired

Send all information to almasmedicine@gmail.com.

You will also be asked to sign a waiver for legal protection before the ceremony.


Daily Program Details


Note that all meals are provided and strictly adhere to diet restrictions. You may feel hungry at times, but trust that your body is getting everything it needs in the best ways to assist the medicine. We typically have two meals a day only, though some days we may have a small third meal. Again, this is a wonderful way to learn self-discipline, practice clearing, and understand how your body and spirit are one.

We will set the schedule for tobacco and kambo cleanses after we have a list of participants, though these will typically happen before breakfast.


Day 1: Friday 1 March

  • Arrival by early afternoon and interviews with Moisés

  • Tea session around 8 pm


Day 2: Saturday 2 March

  • Integration sharing circle from Day 1 after breakfast around 10 am

  • Icaros workshop around 1 pm

  • Lunch around 3 pm

  • Interviews with Moisés for new arrivals

  • Tea session begins around 8 pm


Day 3: Sunday 3 March

  • Integration sharing circle from Day 2 after breakfast around 10 am

  • Visionary Painting workshop around 1 pm

  • Lunch around 3 pm

  • Interviews with Moises for new arrivals

  • Tea session begins around 8 pm


Day 4: Monday 4 March

  • Early integration sharing circle from Day 3 after breakfast

  • Return home

Cost and Expenses

€130 per person per night: (our price, please adjust to include total price)

Required deposit of 50% of your total to reserve your space – Space will fill quickly so please arrange as soon as possible to commit. Due one month before the start of the diet.

  • Make payment to Moises or Mary? (we need to adjust)

  • The remaining 50% is due one week before the start of the process

  • Due upon arrival if using cash


Tobacco cleanse:

  • 80 euro per session

Kambo cleanse:

  • 90 euro per session

Icaros and Visionary Painting workshops:

  • 20 euro suggested love donation per session

Base price includes:

  • Medicinal tea ceremonies, 5-7 hours per night

  • Guidance – Interviews, sharing circles, and answering of questions when needed

  • Lodging

  • Food 

If for some reason you need to cancel:

Please let us know as soon as possible, no later than one month before the start of the retreat, so we can make your space available and refund your deposit. You will be responsible for any transfer fees. We can provide a 50% refund of your deposit if you cancel up to one month prior to program start. We cannot provide refund for cancellation within two weeks of program start, though we can make arrangements if you find a replacement sitter for your space.


What to bring

  •  Warm, comfortable clothing for ceremonies

  •  Flash light with red and white light set

  • Natural soap/shampoo bar (optional)

  •  Water bottle

  •  Towels

  •  Your own yoga/camping/air mattress

  • Sleeping bag

  • Blanket

  • Pillow

  • Musical instruments (optional) – Any portable instrument(s) that you enjoy, such as a rattle, guitar, drum, or flute

  • Art workshop supplies (optional) – Paint brushes, canvas, paints, pencils, and any other material you like

With love, hope, and gratitude we wish you the most amazing healing today and always!

Moisés & Amy