Ongoing in Cork/Dublin


The Nine Breathings of Purification & the Five Tsa Lung exercises.

Connecting with your natural mind, and the deeper wisdom that is always available.

Ongoing Cork/Dublin, see below for details.


The Nine Breathings of Purification is a meditation technique that uses the body as the means of connecting with one's natural mind. The exercises are movements that work with the crown, throat, heart, navel and secret chakra in order to open these up and access the deeper wisdom that is always available (see 'About the Exercises' below for more info).


Dublin 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm, Rathmines Collective (183 Rathmines Rd. Lower Dublin 6).
Cork Tues 8pm in Dervish (ongoing).

About the Exercises

The Nine Breathings of Purification, a meditation technique that has been practiced for thousands of years, uses the body as the means of connecting with one's natural mind. Basically, the practitioner takes an upright posture that supports wakefulness and imagines a simple, sacred anatomy of three channels of light within the body. After reflecting upon the presence of challenges in one's life, the focus is brought to the inhalation as the breath is imagined moving through specific channels in the body, held slightly, and then released with the exhalation. As the practitioner releases the breath through a specific channel, subtle obscurations are released facilitating the recognition of openness. After nine successive breaths, the practitioner rests in open awareness, bringing clear attention to the openness itself and connecting to this source of all positive qualities.

The Five Tsa Lung Exercises are movements that work with five chakra locations within the central channel of the body: the crown, throat, heart, navel and secret chakra. The Tsa Lung exercises open the chakras in order to access the deeper wisdom that is always available. Tsa is the Tibetan word for channel, and lung is the word for wind (called prana, qi or chi in other traditions), which we work with in the Nine Breathings of Purification. In these exercises, you inhale, bringing your focus and breath together to a particular chakra in the body. Then you reinhale and hold the breath and focus while performing a specific movement designed to open the blockages and obscurations of that chakra. After releasing the breath, you rest in open awareness, which allows you to become aware of more subtle qualities. 


Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

TENZIN WANGYAL RINPOCHE is the founder and spiritual director of Ligmincha Institute located in Charlottesville Virginia, USA. A nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the Bon Buddhist tradition and introducing it to the Western world.

Rinpoche was the first to bring the Bön Dzogchen teachings to the West in 1988 and remains one of the very few Bönpo masters to live and teach in the West.

He is known for his clear, lively and insightful teaching style and his ability to make Tibetan practices easily accessible to the Western practitioner.

To learn more about the work of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche visit 

About Bön



Bön is Tibet’s oldest spiritual tradition and the indigenous source of Tibetan culture. Followers of Bön receive teachings and transmissions from teachers in lineages unbroken from ancient times to the present day. While much of modern Bön is similar to Tibetan Buddhism, Bön retains the richness and flavor of its pre-Buddhist roots. Its teachings range from harmonizing our body, speech and mind with the elemental energies of nature to the Great Perfection teachings of dzogchen.

Originally the term "bon" designated the various existing religious and magico-ritual traditions, very probably based on elements common to the heritage of panasiatic shamanism. Etymologically the term derives from the verb bonpa, "to recite magical formulas", because the power its practitioners obtained from the recitation of mantra, syllables or sounds with the capacity to influencing certain energy dimensions. In fact through the vibration of mantra the ancient Bonpos came into contact with and succeeded in controlling, the invisible energies and occult forces that govern existence. - From Druna, Den and Bon, Namkhai Norbu.

About Tibetan Bön