Geshe Khorden Lhundup Gyaltsen

14, 15th July (10-5pm), Vienna Woods in Cork

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Geshe Lhundrop of the Tibetan Bon tradition will join us again in Ireland to teach us the Tibetan Bon practices of Thul Khor, the magical movements of Bon.


The distinctive Tibetan practice of yoga known as Trul Khor incorporates breath, awareness and physical movement. This practice is a wonderful support for all spiritual practitioners, not just for those with an interest in physical yogas. By harmonizing the vital breath and guiding its flow through the physical and energetic dimensions, Trul khor can clear long-held blocks in the practitioner's body, energy, and mind, supporting the spontaneous arising of awareness during formal meditation and in everyday life.

Within trul khor there are practices that work specifically with the energetic or subtle body. This is composed of channels (Sanskrit: nadis), vital breath currents (prana), and essential spheres (bindus), providing the landscape where the mind and the physical body connect with each other. The Bön Mother Tantra, among other tantric texts, explains that the mind rides on the vital breath (or energy) currents like a rider on a horse, and the two travel together through the pathways of the channels. As the breath circulating in the channels becomes more balanced, the channels become increasingly pliable, allowing the vital breath currents to find their own comfortably smooth rhythm. Put simply, our physical body, energy, and mind are said to be the three doors through which one can practice and eventually realize enlightenment. 

About Lama Geshe Lhundup

Geshe Lhundup was born in Tibet in a very small village called Damranji, in Kham, to a nomad family. His mother was a serious dharma practitioner. When he was about 6 years old he began to tend the yaks and sheep. At about age 12, he made the decision to become a monk (all of his brothers and sisters also became monks or nuns) and went to Patsang Monastery in Kham. Patsang is one of the lineages of important Yungdrung Bon families. His first master, Rashi Togden Rinpoche, lived about 60 miles from Geshe Lhundup’s home. The master was from the lineage holder of Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen, a great Dzogchen master of the Bon tradition of Tibet. Geshe Lhundup learned much from his master, who spent his life in dzogchen meditation. He spent a year in the mountain with his second master, Beru Togden Rinpoche, learning dzogchen and tsa lung. From his third master, Togden Sherab Phuntsok Rinpoche, Geshe Lhundup received, along with about 200 monks from all over Tibet, transmission of all of Shardza Rinpoche’s texts, plus trul khor and dzogchen teachings.

Geshe Lhundup studied at Menri Monastery from 1993–2009, progressing through the eight levels in the Bon dialectic school. The traditional course of study for all the monks included sutra, tantra and Dzogchen, and also Tibetan grammar, poetry, astrology, medicine, mandala painting, yoga, and meditation. After 15 years, he received his Geshe degree.

In 2013 Geshe Lhundup began working more directly with students in France. What began as a small group of five to six people has grown to a sangha of about 25, and the group has met in a new location since September 2015. In addition to leading the Ligmincha France sangha, Geshe Lhundup also has taught several times in Germany, Austria ,belgume, bulgaria, has been invited to teach in the Netherlands and expects to visit other countries in Western Europe.

We are delighted to welcome Geshe again and to have this opportunity to practice with him...

About Mary Sky and Dancing The Worlds

Mary Sky's Dancing The Worlds and subsequently Sky Healing came about in 2005. Mary has spent many years training in various disciplines and spiritual practices. She is always interested in the experiential and more visceral layers of life and these bodies purpose in it. Embodied presence is her exploration and passion. Our bodies hold secrets and gifts that can support us to transcend patterns of behavior and thinking that no longer serve us, patterns of body and mind.
Mary has been studying and practicing in the Bon tradition for over 12 years.