Healing Therapies

"When we trust our creativity we encounter a supreme kind of enjoyment - an amazement at the natural unfolding of life beyond our ordinary way of looking at things."


An Overview of my Healing Practice 

"Healing is about giving and receiving in its grandest form, which we do and is happening every moment of every day. Healing is bringing this unconscious activity to conscious awareness with awesome gratitude, the universe is continually conspiring to bring us to wholeness. A place of peace and completeness and comfort within ourselves. If we ignore the more subtle signs that the universe throws up at us to "wake up", then the knocks for awakening become louder and louder."

I have a private healing practice working with both energy healing and massage. The massage I do has refined itself over years of practice and is itself an energy balancing and releasing experience. The energy healing is a channelling of pure light and love which if the "client" is receptive and willing, grand changes can and do occur. Often the body, during treatments can release in all manner of ways, e.g laughing, crying, shaking, visions, remembering etc. Often nothing at all happens but a deep feeling of balance and peace can be experienced. I work as a quiet channel and the energy work is very subtle and gentle but with profound results which I have experienced and witnessed over the years I have been practicing.

Holistic Massage

I offers holistic massage to heal and recharge the body, energy balancing and clearing of the energy field, chakra clearing and recharging. Spiritual healing sessions to clear and revitalise energy flow, to heal & relax.

Together we work to identify and clear blockages in the body & energy field through the use of prayer, intention, massage, smudging, sound, etc. Whatever is called on to facilitate, release & heal. 



Ancestral Healing

We carry in our bodies the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain and grief or our ancestors. Often we are unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act in every day life. 

From a shamanic perspective, these traits are seen as energetic imprints in our energy field. Which need to be cleared so the ancestral pattern ceases to inform our behaviour or health. As we heal ourselves, there is a ripple effect that extends forward and backward in time, bringing forgiveness and relief to our children and ancestors. 

Ancestral imprints may manifest as:

  1. A debilitating belief or emotion that you share with other member of your family lineage.

  2. A particularly destructive behaviour such as substance abuse, addiction, or incest that runs through your family.

  3. Health problems or accidents that appear in themes along a male or female lineage.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is a shamanic term used to describe an imbalance caused by a loss or disassociation of some part of our vital essence. It is a spiritual illness caused by trauma that can result in emotional or physical disease. 

Soul Retrieval is an ancient form of healing, in which the Healer locates the lost soul parts of the client and reintegrates them to restore balance. Soul Retrieval returns the gifts and personal power that our lost soul parts embodied. 

Trauma and emotional splitting can come in many forms; separation, divorce, accidents, loss of a loved one, illness, surgery, emotional or physical abuse. In these instances a part of our soul often disassociate from our body to cope with the pain. Sometimes these fractured parts of our souls do not return, and without wholeness of our entire being we can find functioning in the world difficult and painful. 

Symptoms of soul loss may include:

  1. Chronic depression

  2. Apathy and numbness

  3. Lack of vitality and fatigue

  4. Unhealthy connection to any individual, past partner, or family member

  5. A feeling that you are watching your life from the outside

  6. Chronic illness or a weak immune system

  7. Feelings of emptiness which you try to fill with external things

  8. A propensity towards addictions or destructive behaviour


All Healing practices are available in Cork & Dublin. 

  • The Dervish in Cork €65 p/h

  • Harvest Moon / Fumbally Stables in Dublin €65 p/h

Please feel free to contact me for further information.