Welcome to Dancing the Worlds

A website dedicated to healing and wellbeing. The workshops I offer are in the pursuit of healing and adventure. Healing being the experience of wholeness and completeness within ourselves, not dependant on any external other, institution or religion for that experience. Along the healing path shades of this experience of wholeness are glimpsed and glimpsed again.


"When we trust our creativity we encounter a supreme kind of enjoyment - an amazement at the natural unfolding of life beyond our ordinary way of looking at things."


''Mary Sky is an intuitive healer with the ability to assist each individual on their own path and conscious awakening.  I met Mary a few years ago when I was curious to see how energy healing could help with chronic pain.  Little did I know at the time how my life would then be turned around – with Mary’s help I started to explore the spiritual and emotional root of disease and trauma that I had experienced in my life. Through working with Mary, I have also realised by own innate healing abilities, thus benefiting from an immense sense of gratitude, strength and emotional piece of mind. Mary combines years of nursing experience with insightful spiritual wisdom to help all in their healing.  She provides space, support and a deep respect for all individuals on their own energetic and restorative adventure.'' - Áine xx

To speak of my Huachuma experience as series of events over a weekend would be implying that it occurred solely in the last Instead the weekend was the rekindling of a flame. A flame that leads me to life lessons and experiences that seem to stretch and reverberate with each passing  month, week, day and moment. Thus deepening my work and personal life, my physical health and a heightened awareness of my own self responsibility in every respect! With Mary's explicit skill and experience I felt safe and emboldened enough to traverse the path of the great medicines wisdom. If you are fortunate enough to live in Ireland at this time in history I urge you take advantage of Mary's vocation/light if the window of opportunity presents itself. For it is your birthright to be free, to love be loved and to co- create in this wild symphonic dance while you are here.May you walk into the dawn of a new horizon. - Darragh