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Ignited by Dancing the Worlds, in partnership with Pangean Path and Spirit Farm this unique expedition will bring you into the purest heart of Icelandic island for a beautiful self-nurturing adventure.

Workshops, ceremonies and nature hikes:

- Sweat lodge ceremonies, by Michael Curanda from Spirit Farm
- Herbal ceremony, by Mary Sky from Dancing the Worlds
- Sacred tobacco lecture and practice, by Karol from Pangean Path
- Individual and collective mindfulness practices
- Introduction to Tsa Lung Tibetan yoga and breathwork
- Hiking therapy and amazing sight seeing
- Group expeditions to Icelandic glaciers, waterfalls and geysers

Accommodation and food:

- 5 days at the Spirit Farm, 4 nights
- Transport from the airport to the venue and back
- Full accommodation while at the venue
- Healthy and balanced meals to keep you energised
- Professional group pictures
Retreat is limited to 12 participants.

Essential Details:

19-23 September 2019
Price: €700 (includes all of the above)
Price does not include: Flights to/from Iceland

For more information and to secure your place please contact Mary at or Karol at