The goal we seek is human “wholeness”. The way to this goal often times seems chaotic and interminable at first, and only gradually do the signs increase showing that it is leading somewhere.

Mentorship is offered by someone who has been on this path of personal growth and wholeness and who may act as a guide or a way-shower to those in need of guidance on their own path. A mentor will not “tell” you how to, or where to go or to turn on your path. But rather listen deeply to your truths and experiences and guide accordingly, offering insights and suggestions.

A true mentor speaks from wisdom gained through overcoming life challenges.

I was blessed many years ago with a wonderful mentor, a man of advanced years, he was in his 70’s when I first met Brian Scott McCarthy, and I, in my early 40’s. It was at this time that I needed wisdom and holding of my attempts at making sense of the labyrinth that had developed into “my Life” at that time. I am endlessly grateful for this meeting at that time. Brian has passed on many years ago now, and I was blessed to be part of his moving to another realm of experience. A wise and gracious being. We all need someone like Brian at times in our life. I hope to be as wise and as gracious as he was.

It is in this vein that I offer mentoring online through Skype or Zoom sessions. I am keenly aware of the need post therapy sessions and, or, post ceremony or any life changing events, of the need, for a time, of holding and guidance. Life throws us many curve balls and how to navigate can often be confusing. What’s the best path to take, what does this dream mean? Am I thinking straight? How to resuscitate myself from these endless repetitive loops of mind and actions? In this age of psychedelic explorations, it is also comforting to know someone who has travelled this path before you. How to navigate the mind that has just seen how it has created patterns of behaviour that are no longer in service of the higher self. Such periods of time can be confusing and disorientating and to have someone to BOUNCE off can be priceless at these times.

I have countless years on the path of self growth and exploration and continue my own travels on many levels of experience. Awareness practices are paramount on my journey and I bring this gift to my mentoring sessions.

To contact me to arrange an appointment;

50 Euro per hour for an online mentoring session. Concession rates can be arranged.. Please contact me here to express an interest or enquire about mentoring.


Mary Sky