29th May - 18th June 2019.


Join me once again on a transformational healing journey to magical Peru.

 Itinerary and price to follow…

Our integration days will include, sharing circle, flower baths, journaling, nature walks in the jungle. Yogas and healing works, depending on how people are... support available at all times.


Introducing Juana, Your Noya Rao Retreat Facilitator

I have had the pleasure of working with Maestra Juanita (also known as Isa Yaka- Little Bird) for the past few years and before this with many renowned Shamans including Javier Regueiro in Pisac Peru. Juanita I now work with in Pucallpa. Juanita is about 60 years of age, "she thinks". And has been studying with many highly respected members of the Mahua family in Pucallpa. She began her work with Noyarao when she was 20 years of age and is committed to the healing path. Her Icaros, healing medicine songs are as powerful as they are gentle and penetrative. She was born into the Shipibo community of Pahoyan, one of the most powerful Shipibo healing communities in the Peruvian Amazon. 

Juanita also works with the human body, with bone massage and is available during your dieta with this experience. She is also playful and light in her presence and approach. I am happy to be bringing another group to her wisdom and energy.

Juana has eight children and many grandchildren. She has a strong connection with the spirits of the plants. During ceremony she will sing to each participant individually to enable and to activate healing in the body and the mind.

With the Noyarao, Tree of Light plant dieta, there is an opportunity to break down the old armourings of body and mind and then to allow for a new, more embodied and grounded protection to be assumed at the closing ceremony where she inserts an Arcana, or protection grid into your energy field. During the 10 day dieta with Juanita, there is an opportunity to shed old imprints of body and mind that no longer serve. I, Mary Sky,will be present to counsel and to assist with integration. 

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Healing with Noyarao and La Madre; Ayahausca 

Noya Rao is an almost mythical tree within Amazonian plant medicine, which within the Shipibo tradition, who are widely considered to have the most powerful approach to plant medicine, is generally seen as the great great grand Mother of all the plants. Little information is to be found about this sacred plant online, so here is what I have learnt from the locals and doing my own research.

Noya Rao is known in the local vocabulary both as the ‘Tree of Light’ and the Camino a la Verdad, which translates into 'The path of Truth'. Its wisdom is considered extremely powerful, it represents pure good, connected to white and blue light and those who had an honour to drink yellow coloured tea brew from the bark of Noya Rao claimed it changed their life paths. Noya Rao's leaves and bark have fluorescent properties and glow faintly in the dark, which was documented and photographed by few. It looks like a still from Avatar movie, with the exception it is all real. The tree, however, is so rare, that most shamans who know where Noya Rao grows keep that knowledge unexposed and protect it with uttermost care and love. Maestra Juana, who I work with in the last few years in Peru and her family are Guardians of Noya Rao and usually do not offer opportunity to work with this powerful and beautiful plant to many. There are only very few Noya Rao trees known to them and their locations are kept in secret. According to their tales medicine cooked from its bark is the ultimate key to the world of beings of pure light, which is believed to be one level lower than the world of the Gods.

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