Peru - South America

Heart Core Healing Journeys

Nov 2017





Nov  14th  We will meet in Písac in the early morning. I will have connected with you all by then and suggest you are staying in the Písac area on the night of the 13th. We will travel together to Ollantaytambo to get our train connection to Aquas Calientes, the host town for Machu Picchu at 12.55pm.

Nov  15th Visit the magical citadel of Macchu Picchu and Huayna Picchu where we will visit and meditate at the temple of the Moon.

Nov 16th Return to Ollantaytambo, after a morning in the hot springs of Aquas Calientes. where we stay the night.

Nov  17th  We will go together to Laras, beautiful natural springs in the mountains of the Sacred Valley, refresh ourselves here and return to our accommodation in Pisac for our first meeting with Javier at 3pm on the 18th November.



Nov 17th Arrive in Písac at our accommodation for the week with Javier

Nov 18th Meet 3pm with Javier.

Nov 19th Lunch together and followed by personal interview with Javier

Nov 20th Huachuma ceremony

Nov 21st Free day & morning meeting with Javier for integration assistance

Nov 22nd Ayahuasca ceremony

Nov 23rd Free day

Nov 24th 2nd Ayahuasca ceremony

Nov 25th Free day & meeting and integration talk

Nov 26th Stay at our accommodation and rest


We are booked into our accommodation in the Sacred Valley until November 26th. Inclusive.

Nov 27th Fly to Lima / Pucallpa ( price not included and I will book this for us all soon enough. The flight is approximately €160. It's important we are all on the same flight to arrive together )

We stay overnight in Hotel Gavilanes. 

Nov 28th We go to our retreat centre Tierravida Benxote, to begin our Noyarao 10 day dieta. The retreat and shamanistic healing center is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

You will have read a bit about the Noyaroa on the facebook messenger link that we share. Photo of Junanita our maestra attached.

Dec 9th Return to Hotel Gavilanes. Phew !!!