Time for Rite: 11am - 3pm (Sat/Sun)
Venue: On the beach in Cagliari. Weather pending. If weather not friendly we have an indoor venue.

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The rite of the womb comes from the women of the Amazon who have transcended suffering and fear. It’s about overcoming fear, pain and suffering and healing the womb and in turn healing the planet. When a man or woman receives this rite; this blessing. He or she heals any pain held in the female lineage. It assists in clearing this from one’s own womb, or womb energetic place and through the lineages. It heals the person who has experienced sexual abuse and any demeaning experiences of the deep feminine power. Also, those who have experienced hysterectomies and by receiving this rite that centre of their womanhood can be healed. It also assists in healing traumatic womb experiences or what’s know as “toxic womb experience”.

Women who have never had children and regret this, women who had difficult pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions. In receiving this rite this will help to heal and cleanse these experiences of any heavy, residual energies that remain. When a man receives this rite, it will heal his deep feminine side; heal the relationship with his own mother and with the earth Mother, Pachamama.

When a man has a female partner, it will help to heal her womb also.

Fear is released, so we may embrace freedom

Pain is released, so we may embrace joy.

Anger, so we may embrace compassion.

Sadness is released, so we may embrace peace.

Rage is released, so we may embrace passion.

Releasing whatever womb pain is carried through generations is paramount to collective healing..

Information on the Sanctuary of Santa Cristina.


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