Heart Core Healing Journeys

Sahara 2018


Marrakech Morocco

April 6th

We fly into Morocco and will stay 2 nights in a beautiful Riad, Marrakech’s Riads are historic, atmospheric and absolutely stunning. I invite you to a traditional experience of the Medina of Marrakech which is a truly amazing experience. 

April 7th

You can experience a traditional Hammam and stroll through the ancient alleyways of the old Medina, exploring the many street vendors and while being totally immersed with the exotic smells, sounds and cacophony of colours. It's like traveling through time, enabling one to get a feeling of an older world, quickly fading away under the attacks of modernity.


Under The Stars We Sleep

April 8th

We will then travel by jeep to the Sahara village of M’Hamid, where again we stay a night in a Riad. 

April 9th

We will begin our journey into the Sahara taking us toward the  monumental Dunes of Chegaga. We will walk or Camel ride for 2 / 3 hours after which we will stop for a lunch break under a shadowy tree and enjoy some tea and relax. After enjoying a well earned break we then continue for another 2 / 3 hrs until we set up camp and enjoy meals that are arranged for us including beautiful aromatic traditional Tagines cooked outdoors under the star lit skies. We will stay in traditional desert accommodation each night or sleep out under the starlit vastness of the desert night sky.

April 10th

In the early morning our trip continues in the midst of the desert for another 2 / 3 hours when again we will stop for a rest and lunch. After this we will continue our exploration and enjoy the vastness of the desert landscape. After another hour we will set up camp again for the night enjoy dinner and again spending the night under the stars.

April 11th

Enjoying the sunrise and morning breakfast we will then continue on our journey toward Erg  Chegaga . Again after our lunch break we will arrive at these impressive dunes which reach heights of 300m and a span of 40kms. Here we experience a world of calmness and tranquility and sunsets to inspire the soul and mind. That evening we will enjoy food together and some local entertainment spending the night in nomadic tents in this desert camp.

April 12th

Absorbing the morning sunrise we will share breakfast and our vehicle will be ready to drive us back to M'Hamid where we will arrive by 10.30/11am. We will then have ample time to rest and then explore the local medina. 



''My name is Habib El Ouahida, I am 28 years old.  I was born and raised in the desert. I was born as a nomad, a sheperd and also taking care of camels. When I was 7 years old,  I had to move with my family to the nearest village (M'hamid El Ghizlane) in order to go to school. I went back to the desert whenever I had a holiday, because I loved the desert so much and still do.  Life in the desert is so simple and difficult sometimes,  but it is so peaceful and quiet, full of mental comfort and charming aspects of the nature.  The quietness, the stunning sunset and the wide sky which is full of twinkling stars, all these made me so connected with the desert, thus I can't imagine my life else where.  Now I live in the small village (M'hamid El Ghizlane) which is in the desert and not far from the place I was born in.  Most of the population ( which is around 4000) came from the desert. The people were nomad, and moved to the village for the same reason which is school and lack of water. People now depends on agriculture and tourism. Even though the village is in the desert, I so often feel homesick, I miss sleeping in the tent, which is made of goat fur, I miss the quitness and the peace of the desert. I will always love the desert as it is my first mother''.


Marrakech Morocco

April 13th

We will return to Marrakech and again stay overnight. Where we will have a traditional dinner in one of Marrakechs unique dining experiences.

April 14th

Return to airport.....

Depending on the time of your return flight there may be time to experience another Hammam before you go!


The art of the hammam (steam bath/bathhouse) is an ancient and integral part of Moroccan life as water, which is considered sacred. Cleanliness is an essential element of Islam. In a part of the world where family and community are everything, the hammam is deeply rooted in everyday communal life. This is where people go to socialise, gossip, make connections, do business and even arrange marriages.

Local hammams

Spas with ‘traditional’ hammams are everywhere in Marrakech, but a visit to a local hammam is a completely different experience and one that illuminates a side of life you won’t see anywhere else. This is particularly so for women. For many, especially those who wear the veil, it is one of the only places where they can truly be themselves. 

You cannot truly experience Morocco without at least trying this experience once....