Mantra, Munay-ki, Meditation, Medicine and Magic…………

Sardinia 18-22nd January, 2019. Pricing to follow shortly.


Come and join me on the ancient, beautiful island of Sardinia this coming Jan 18th to 22nd ,2019.

Where I will revisit and continue sharing the Munay-ki initiations which were gifted to me by the Qero Shamans of the high mountains of Peru many years ago.

Together we will share medicine which assists us in shedding layers of outmoded patterns which no longer serve us. Continue receiving the Munay-ki; initiations and practice healing sounds and yogas from the ancient Tibetan Bon tradition. I will revisit the previous Munay-ki initiations I gave in October, so if you were not there don’t worry, I will give these again, so this retreat is open to all. Those of you who received the first two rites will have an opportunity to deepen your experiences with these.

Venue for this weekend will be announced. I will be co-facilitated by Alessandro once again as translator and his wonderful presence and voice.

Thank you, Alessandro.

I am looking forward, once again to being on the Island of Sardinia and experiencing its ancient, shamanic heritage. Bringing the Sacred medicine of Huachuma which allows us, no matter what nationality, to come together to open our minds and hearts to seeing and becoming more than we think we are. For too long we have been brainwashed into victim mentality, where we are not encouraged to experience ourselves as our own healer. We have within us great capacity for self-love and healing.

My focus of teaching and sharing is to support you in coming home to your own deep self and to assist you in empowering yourself to finding your own way home to your true heart.

We live, dancing in a sea of magnificence, of pure love and healing. Once we connect into this source that is within and outside ourselves, we realise the power of this human life, this human body that guides us in finding true peace within. Our body is our guide and can be our true friend and companion on the path of liberation once we offer it trust and gratitude.

Join me this January in Sardinia for my second visit of sharing secrets.

In Love and service to the greater awakening

Mary Sky